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Re: [TREASURER #5526] Re: managing Huawei accounts

Hi Ross

On 2022/04/01 20:24, Ross Vandegrift via RT wrote:
I'm not familiar with Huawei's cloud, so I can't offer any specific
advice - but in general, I don't think so.  Here's my understanding.

If Debian delegates creation, then Debian or an individual member owns
the account - not SPI.  We want to avoid that because:

- there's no way for Debian to shield members from the liability created
   by the provider's contract.
- there's no way for Debian to ensure the member doesn't run off with
   the account, or disappear and lock us out.

That means SPI needs to vet & accept those terms.  When SPI is happy
with the terms, they can sometimes delegate the actual acceptance
process back to us.

Unfortunately, whatever route we take, it's going to take a long time via SPI. would it work for the cloud team if we rather do this via another TO?


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