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Re: [TREASURER #5526] Re: managing Huawei accounts

[Removing treasurer@, as this discussion is not relevant to SPI, until
we have an idea about it]

Hi Jonathan

On Fri, Apr 01, 2022 at 07:18:30PM +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> Would it work to update the cloud team delegation so that the cloud team can
> create and manage this account, and then SPI (or even another TO if needed),
> just handles the billing part?

It's already in the delegation:

| - With the Debian Project Leader and under the auspices of the
|   Trusted Organizations, establish Debian accounts with cloud
|   providers, negotiating terms and conditions where necessary.
| - With the Debian System Administration Team and the Trusted
|   Organizations, manage Debian account credentials with the cloud
|   providers and establish account life-cycle processes.

And that's exactly what the cloud team've done in the last years.
However you yourself tried to establish a debian.net team with similar
tasks almost two years ago.  So I'm not sure what your ideas are.


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