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Cloud team plans for cloud-hosted mirrors


The cloud team wants to make folks aware of a possible change to the cloud
images.  The team plans to register a new domain, debian.cloud, for mirrors
inside of cloud provider infrastructure.  For such mirrors, sources.list will
look like:
  deb http://<provider>.debian.cloud/debian/ bullseye main

Hosting mirrors inside the cloud infrastructure provides users with faster,
cheaper access to the archive.  And since it saves the providers money, they're
often willing to provide the hosting infrastructure for free.  Our image build
process allows customizing sources.list with these mirrors when possible.  All
of this is great!

But some of the hostnames are controlled by the cloud providers.  Mostly, this
has happened when the name is assigned by a CDN.  This isn't optimal: if that
name ever changes, users with the old hostname will be unable to install

These names have been very stable.  But in some providers, they're tied to
cloud accounts.  This makes it impossible to move the mirror to another account
without losing the name.  And of course, for reasons [1], we need to move some
of these mirrors.

Since a migration is required, we'd like to adopt debian-controlled hostnames
in sources.list.  This way, we can never lose the hostnames that appear in

Our first choice would be a subzone of debian.org.  But we are not in DSA, and
haven't been able to get help with this request.  So in the interest of making
progress, a new domain is the simplest alternative.

I don't know when this work will be complete - hopefully, all of the new
infrastructure will be ready to go for the next stable release.


[1] - Briefly: some of Debian's cloud accounts are technically owned by
individual developers, or consulting houses that work on Debian.  
Unfortunately, we can't just transfer the accounts in question to SPI, since
some also host other things.  Thus the team has slowly been transitioning
workloads into new accounts owned by SPI.

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