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Bug#989462: set Vagrant box filesystem size to something much larger than 20GB

Hi Hans

I had a look at the fai-disk-image, and it seems that nothing in the toolchain prevents us from using a disk image with a larger virtual size for VirtualBox *and* libvirt,
as currently:
- we create a sparse file of raw format using fai-disk-image
- then we convert this disk image to a thin provisioned vmdk/qcow2
vmdk in virtualbox 6 do support thin provisioned disk images, the 20GB current vagrant boxes uses 1.4 GB on my hard drive

So the next for you to do would be:
- bump the disk size in https://salsa.debian.org/cloud-team/debian-vagrant-images/-/blob/master/src/debian_cloud_images/cli/build.py#L179
and following

- create a pull request, so that it triggers a build and let's see if this passes the test suite

In a distinct, separate step, we should probably review the settings we use when creating the qcow2 image in

to see if if we could make use of the recommended settings mentioned at
https://www.jamescoyle.net/how-to/2060-qcow2-physical-size-with-different-preallocation-settings for performance

Do you know any caveats of working with a larger filesystem, let's say we would use a 512GB disk image. Slower fsck on boot in case of crash ?

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