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Bug#989462: set Vagrant box filesystem size to something much larger than 20GB

Package: cloud.debian.org

The Vagrant guidelines say:

"you should create a dynamically resizing drive with a large maximum size. This causes the actual footprint of the drive to be small initially, but to dynamically grow towards the max size as disk space is needed, providing the most flexibility for the end user."

Both VirtualBox and libvirt qcow2 formats support exactly that. The official Debian box seems to be set at a fixed 20GB. This makes it very difficult for F-Droid to use these images as the base box for our Vagrant boxes.

F-Droid's base box has been using 1TB for a long time with good results.

Once this is fixed in Debian's images, then F-Droid no longer needs the forked base box and can use only Debian's.

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