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Re: Next team meeting: Wed May 12 @19:00 UTC


Here are my notes from yesterday's team meeting.

Google Compute Engine official images

We discussed the future of the Google Compute Engine image support, following
the removal of google-compute-engine from bullseye.  The immediate issue was
lack of a maintainer to do updates & handle security issues.  Kula may be able
to find someone to help.

In the long term, the Google stakeholders need a way to release more rapid
updates than we've been able to achieve through stable updates so far.  No
solution is immediately forthcoming.

AWS special region support

AWS hosts a number of special regions that aren't automatically accessible to
ordinary customers.  Our process currently does not publish Debian images to
these regions.  Noah has started internal discussion at AWS to determine what
would be required to start delivering images there.

The future of networking config

We had an extensive discussion on future options for network configuration.
Noah has a working test sid image using systemd-networkd.  He also told us
about nm-cloud-setup, a NetworkManager tool to do network config in cloud

nm-cloud-setup uses systemd-networkd, but offers support for ipv6 prefix
delegation, secondary ips, and per-interface policy routing.  It provides a set
of systemd services so that administrators can modularly enable and disable
these features.

We agreed that these alternatives to ifupdown should be considered for
bookworm.  Preferably early, so any issues can be worked out.  Some things to
consider were raised:

- Project choices: if ifupdown is replaced, we should consider the new default
  tool.  All things being equal, it'd be better if the cloud images could use
  the same system as other Debian systems.

- Zigo asked about how the alternatives behave when the dhcp server is
  unavailable.  ISC's dhcp client's behavior can sometimes cause service
  outages in this scenario.

- Downstream tools may be affected too: numerous tools integrate with ifupdown,
  e.g. cloud-init, saltstack, etc.  These tools and their users would be

- IPv6-only network support: there are some barries to working in ipv6-only
  networks.  It'd be a good release goal for bookworm to get this working.

Salsa group ownership

Zigo reminded us that the salsa groups never had their owners adjusted for
delegation updates after the sprint in Boston.  I've been added as owner to
both groups, and after Thomas Lange has a change to setup multi-factor
authentication, he'll be added as well.

Previous owners Steve McIntyre and Luca Filipozzi were changed to develoeprs.
Thanks to both of them for all of their help.

Image finder updates

Arthur presented some cool new features of the images finder that he's been
working on.  This included:

- the ability to see the packages in any image
- and endpoint for submitting new image details to the finder db
- a way to create tokens for programmatic access via the ui
- a system for admin accounts & ui for editing the descriptive texts

There was some disagreement over whether or not we wanted the description to be
modifiable via the ui, or have admin access.  We also discussed some feature
requests for the deployment to make it easier to manage.

Arthur's changes aren't uploaded to salsa or live on the site yet.  But
hopefully they'll be available soon.


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