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Bug#970804: awscli: Please package AWS CLI 2.0

I've looked at this a little more.  From what I can tell, the dependency
on botocore v2 is really going to make this hard to package.  We can't
simply update the botocore packages to version 2, since it is not
backwards compatible with v1.  Existing packages that depend on botocore
would need to be updated, but worse would be all the custom code that
we'd be breaking with such an upgrade.

It doesn't help that the botocore project still isn't actually making
releases from the v2 branch (See https://github.com/boto/botocore/issues/2080)

I'm not sure that we've got any good options right now, but maybe I'm
missing something.  We can do one of the following:

1. Leave awscli v2 and botocore v2 unpackaged (current state)

2. Package botocore v2 as a new package that conflicts with v1 (this
allows both to co-exist in the archive, but not on an installed system.

3. Package botocore v2 as a new package in such a way as to permit
side-by-side installation with v1.  This likely involves essentially
renaming the package, which means a bunch of mangling of python import
paths. This requires any client code using botocore to be written (or
patched) to specifically target this modified version.

Is there something else I'm missing?  Given that awscli v2 specifically
depends on botocore v2, I doubt it's reasonable to port it to v1, but
that could potentially be another option.


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