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Re: Contacting cloud team for hosting blends.debian.net [elbrus@debian.org: Re: Any sponsoring for a VM possible (Was: Rackspace ending free hosting for blends.debian.net)]

[Sorry for the delay.  I'm not reading the list and just found it now in the archive.]

Private mail due to attached key.

Bastian Blank wrote:
> Well, then let's try this again.
> We can provide you with a VM with the following specs:
> - 16 GB Memory
> - 4 Core Processor
> - 320 GB SSD Disk
> - Debian Stretch

Very cool!
> We can provide that within a day or so.
> Please provide the following info:
> - SSH key

Attached.  Prefered user name would be tille.

> - Required network ports

22, 80, 433

I like to use mosh which might need

iptables -A INPUT -p udp -m multiport --dports 60000:61000 -j ACCEPT

but that's not very important.

> Please be away that we might need to move this VM to a different account
> in the future, which we should be able to do by moving the disks.

Definitely better than nothing.  Getting it until tomorrow
evening would be very convenient since we have a Sprint at
the weekend.

Thanks a lot for all your infrastructure work


ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDN06b4tKJldeRTDHQ/xhGvKE52B/YwZZthJxGejfChotL50MR9KxldrlsPMUCXTywn+8W/TjkuF4cxcvz1NJVKx0EHdDXZaHTlEDvgoJSe8BCQ6cBMajZ4Be80Bno9G+cxmfxOIBiHKxzBCDOqiPrVKwz1nI6qsNFd2LYrX3pd5jWkiTrUXJKRWbPj1VaOUZQNdZkkUzaofiIuvrq9HSmM9hEgEGyG5u8zcKN25tPi0dHElterOwDpajHEJpwYHkLwRuimKOvRyvu7DvRSb8Uv+g2eomGB098bSdsj0oExsZeWGyUU78rhklOMYyUueKThHdKEV5wKPidZ16h4MpT1 tillea@wr-linux02

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