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debian.org organisation on GCP [was: Re: Vagrant box CI/CD]

On 2018-05-15 01:43:12, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:


> Work is underway such that, some time later this year or next, Debian
> itself will be able to provision Google accounts for our GCP work
> through the Google Cloud Identity system and to take ownership of its
> GCP projects as an organization. SPI is assisting DSA and the cloud team
> with this due to its eligibility for G Suite for Nonprofits, which in
> turn allows Debian to use Cloud Identity with debian.org. DSA will start
> out with a manual process but may automate it later.
> To be clear: none of this requires Debian to migrate its primary
> accounts system to Google and no such migation is planned. Current
> thinking is that we won't be enabling the broader G Suite feature set for
> debian.org Google accounts either, since that's proprietary SaaS. Cloud
> Identity is just identity-as-a-service.
> Cloud Identity can tie in nicely to whatever permissions management and
> auditing is desired for the various Debian-linked GCP projects and
> resources. It would also help with billing of paid GCP usage and/or
> tracking of sponsored GCP credit.

Thx Jimmy for this update, I wasn't sure if anything is happening around this
and now it looks like it is, that's great.

Who is coordinating this?

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