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Re: Vagrant box CI/CD

Zach is there a way of specifying a license for images created via
daisy? This functionality is needed to create an image that supports
nested virtualization.

Such as:

gcloud compute images create $IMAGENAME
--source-image-project=debian-cloud --source-image-family=debian-9

I was reading over the documentation and this feature doesn't seem to
be implemented:

On the bright side the google cloud SDK is also DFSG compliant, but as
you were explaining it's not the ideal tool for this job.

On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 2:00 PM, Emmanuel Kasper <manu@debian.org> wrote:
> Le 14/05/2018 à 19:49, Paul Dejean a écrit :
>> So it seems vagrant boxes build just fine on GCE instances that have
>> nested virtualization enabled, via a gitlab shell runner.
>> Proof: https://salsa.debian.org/paulcdejean-guest/vagrant-boxes/-/jobs/16762
>> This means it's possible for us to fully automate the build and
>> deployment process for vagrant boxes. Here's a rough plan:
>> https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1xDzxKr_AjnjqIBXXqH3b7ecW6EIBTo8TTJ49dxAd67M/edit
> Vagrant box maintainer here speaking :), very cool Paul !
> I always wanted to see CI for the build process, so I am very interested
> by this. Don't forget to send pull requests on salsa if you want to fix
> stuff in the vagrant boxes.
> Some comments:
>> I do have some questions though. Is it fine to build/provision these GCE
>> runners using the gcloud cli tool? Or does the cloud team have some
>> infrastructure as code tool that they prefer to use instead in order to
>> avoid vendor lockin?
> Concerning tools:
> I don't know gcloud, but the build chain should be DFSG compatible.
> For an official debian solution, we would also need to run the gitlab
> runner  on machines that Debian controls. Currently I know that casanula
> (a big Debian Project server) and AWS with an Official debian account
> are used to build Debian VMs.
> @list: Do we have some official account for GCE like we have for Amazon
> ?
> cheers
> Manu
> --
> You know an upstream is nice when they even accept m68k patches.
>   - John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, Debian OpenJDK maintainer

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