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Re: Package conflicts, breaks, and problematic upgrades... with irqbalance

On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 01:46:15AM +0000, Zach Marano wrote:
> The problem is that irqbalance breaks on GCE and KVM (and likely other
> virtualization platforms). So, in our debian package for
> google-compute-engine [1], where we have a script that balances the
> interrupts for scsi and network devices across CPU's correctly, we conflict
> with irqbalance because it literally does the opposite.

Could you explain this a bit more?  This would mean "irqbalance" itself
is broken.

>                                                         The Debian kernel
> package however recommends irqbalance [2]. Some users running `apt upgrade`
> (not apt-get) run into a problem where our package gets removed because the
> kernel will install irqbalance when it gets updated.

Yes, removing this package is a valid solution.  That's why you never
want to conflict against or break any core package (BTDT, people cried).

> So, what is the right way to fix this? And yes, I do believe the having
> irqbalance as a recommends for the kernel package is just wrong- however
> lets deal with that separately.

There is no solution, at least no stable one.


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