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Re: Salsa group to host euca2ools.

On 2018-01-16 16:54:54, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Hello everybody,

Hi Charles,

> I will relocate the git repository containing the source package of
> euca2ools from Alioth to the new Salsa GitLab forge.  The generic
> "Debian" group is probably a good place to host it, but before
> migrating, I just wanted to ask if you would prefer to have it under
> the "cloud-team" group.

I'd say we can try to take this way but cloud-team members are 'rather
cautious' about uploading 'other maintainers' packages.

> Regarding the Maintainer field, I think that using a dedicated team
> alias in tracker.debian.org would be fine.  (That means: no archive
> for things that do not go through the BTS.)

I'm not sure how exactly this would work but BTS should be theated as THE
place, right?

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