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Re: Converting an Internal Installer to FAI

I apologize for being a bit slow to respond.
I'm busy going and converting my company's installation infrastructure
to FAI, and that and some completely unrelated things have been taking
up time.

In general, I don't consider any of the recommendations I made serious
flaws.  I admit that it's convenient that the grub setup is in the
config space.
For example it seems like the existing GRUB_PC class doesn't quite do
the right thing if you have no /boot partition and you have a stretch
btrfs filesystem.
The boot device ends up being something like /dev/loop0p1, and for some
reason grub-install succeeds but doesn't boot in that situation.
If I hack the GRUB_PC class to /dev/loop0 it works fine.
Yet with ext4 everything is fine.
(I think I'd rather install on the disk rather than the partition
anyway, but it's a really strange failure).
So, it's been convenient that the grub code is in the config space.

However, I do agree that over time it would be great to move that stuff.
And I also agree it's a case-by-case tradeoff, and the code is
structured well enough to permit either decision.


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