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Re: Converting an Internal Installer to FAI

Hi Sam,

thanks a lot for the detailed report of your FAI experience. This is
like an advertisement for FAI.

You are right. The code for grub handling would better be in a library (or
in lib/subroutines) or in an external script. After doing this we
cloud call something like

fai_setup_grub $BOOT_DEVICE

that's it. I guess I didn't move this code from the config space into
FAI itself yet, because in the past we changed it sometimes. And I
thought it's easier for FAI users to fix the code if needed, if it's
inside the config space.

Some of the "odd defaults" in the config space come from my intension
to show how powerful FAI is. But that's why we have a different
repository for the cloud config space.

The long list of recommends of the fai-server package is because of
the many different environments in which FAI is used. I guess I never
added a dependency on a package that would install Xorg. We can also think
about splitting some FAI utilities into a new package. Any

Thanks again for you report.
regards Thomas

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