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Bug#846583: cloud.debian.org: AWS Image should enable DHCPv6 client

I've played with systemd-networkd a bit.
It seems capable enough to handle this use case, but it has some
significant drawbacks.
It's not very backward compatible with expected sysadmin patterns.  That
is, as a sysadmin, I'd expect ifup and ifdown to work.  I expect to be
able to do things like ifdown eth0&&ifup eth0 to bounce the network on
an instance.
And with systemd-networkd, that doesn't work.
Also, since it uses a different DHCP implementation, you end up with an
entirenly different set of ways of configuring dhcp client options and
dhcp scripts.
So, while it works, it's a big change--probably too big to introduce for
stretch images.

I'll also caution against systemd-resolved.  I have had very bad success
with the legacy DNS proxy included in systemd-resolved.

Networkmanager does play less destructively with /etc/network/interfaces
than systemd-networkd, although that only means they play well on the
same system.  But only one of them manages a given interface.
I've chosen to use networkmanager on several of my cloud images, but I'm
not sure it is playing great with cloudinit.

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