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Bug#846526: cloud-init: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation

Hi Marcin,

On 3 December 2016 at 18:25, Marcin Kulis <debian@kulisz.net> wrote:
> I had a quick looks into file you've provided and the PT translation we already
> have. I have some questions (sorry in advance if those are lame but I don't
> understand Portuguese almost at all).
> Are those two really so different? pt_BR.po looks slightly different but not so
> much and for example line 102 for me looks like is not translated at all, do
> you want to keep it that way?
> If you're really happy with this po file I'll add it to the package and it
> probably will find it's way into the next cloud-init release.

As you may guess, I'm a native Portuguese speaker. The differences
between the original Portuguese (from Portugal) and Brazilian
Portuguese may be very subtle, which looks like to be the case here.

I've analyzed the diff[1] between `pt.po` and `pt_BR.po` and, although
there are lines that really should be translated to make sense for
Brazilian users, there are some which I'm not sure if they are
properly translated. I never really did a Portuguese -> Brazilian
Portuguese translation, so I may be biased to think that some
sentences should (or shouldn't) be changed.



Were this translation reviewed by debian-l10n-portuguese@l.d.o (I do
not follow that list)? I'll not suggest any changes here, as I do not
know how the translation team works. If they reviewed it indeed, we
can certainly include this file for the next release.


[1]: https://paste.debian.net/900453/

Tiago "Myhro" Ilieve
Blog: https://blog.myhro.info/
GitHub: https://github.com/myhro
LinkedIn: https://br.linkedin.com/in/myhro
Belo Horizonte - MG, Brasil

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