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Re: Please make it easier to detect fai-diskimage

>>>>> On Thu, 10 Nov 2016 07:41:53 -0500, Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> said:

    > I think you need a new action, a new variable, or a subroutine like
    > ifclass.  If you want to minimize variables, introducing a short
    > subroutine seems like a reasonable way to encapsulate the test if a new
    > action ends up being bad for other reasons.
I like the idea of a new subroutine like ifclass.

I need some help with a useful name of such a function.

For testing if FAI is running from the nfsroot (testing do_init_tasks
-eq 1) what about names like:

- running_fai_init
- running_from_nfsroot
- isnfsroot

Any better name? What do you think is most descriptive?

Any proposal for a name fo a test if fai-diskimage calles fai? (action
= install a not running from nfsroot)
- running_diskimage
- install_and_no_nfsroot
- isdiskimage

I'm really bad at choosing good names for subroutines. Please help me.

    > It's important to have stable tests for things like this because users
    > will copy this into configspaces.  You can't refactor their code for
    > them.
Since I will add some test subroutines, we only need stable names for
these subroutines.

regards Thomas

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