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Re: my progress

>>>>> "Noah" == Noah Meyerhans <noahm@debian.org> writes:

    Noah> I've modified the class/DEBIAN.var file such that the default
    Noah> behavior is to generate images for jessie. We can add a
    Noah> STRETCH class in order to generate images for testing. I'd
    Noah> rather use "stable", but it's preferable to use the release
    Noah> codename in many places and there's no easy way to resolve
    Noah> stable to the current codename AFAIK. Maybe there should be?

I thought we agreed the fai efforts would be for stretch and we would
not be converting our existing jessie work.
I don't mind having jessie support if it's easy, but for example if we
run into situations where  it adds extra code to work around bugs fixed
in stretch but present in jessie, I'd like to push back.

I suspect that long-term find it easier to maintain something where we
have the work-arounds for things we've found in stable releases in a
class, and the main body of the code is targeted at sid and testing.

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