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Re: Please make it easier to detect fai-diskimage

>>>>> On Thu, 10 Nov 2016 06:00:50 -0500, Sam Hartman <hartmans@mit.edu> said:

    > * I run fai on a running system to install onto a second disk and then
    >   later reboot into that disk.  Since it's a running system I would not
    >   have DO_INIT_TASKS set.
I guess you could use dirinstall for that. Not sure if the GRUB_PC
script would work in this situation.

I was thinking about defining a new FAI action. Currently we have
install, dirinstall, sysinfo, inventory and softupdate. The new action
diskimage would be the same as install (in the sense it executes the
same FAI tasks) but we could easier check if we do an install or
diskimage since the variable FAI_ACTION would be set to diskimage.

Currently I'm not sure if this new action would make this easier or
more complicated and I'm trying to make those changes carefully.

    > Patch attached.
Adding a new variable just to make a one line test more comfortable is
not worth it IMO. I'm trying to keep the list of FAI variables short.

regards Thomas

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