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Re: order of classes in fai 5.3~beta4

Ah, 50-host-classes always asserts FAIBASE.
I'm happy  with any of the following:

* Argue it's not a bug.  Classes like DEMO are clearly inappropriate for
  production, and so users are going to have to do something to
  50-host-classes anyway. For the cloud repository we'll delete it:
  FAIBASE and DEMO both do a lot of things we don't want.

* rename 02-classes to 55-classes.  That will be the right place in the
  order.  I  prefer this solution

*It's not clear to me that asserting AMD64 when we assert CLOUD is
 ideal. I might say that you need to specify architecture on the command
 line for cloud. If you expect people to put the architecture on the
 command line, you could move this to 80.

I really like this solution to the issue, and particularly like using -N
just as with the fai command.

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