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new FAI beta version

Hi all,

the new FAI 5.3 beta version now supports definig classes using -c and
additionally executing the scrips in class/. Before -c and -N could
not used at the same time. This fixes the wishlist bug #843209. You
can now call 

    fai-diskimage -vN -u gnomehost -S3G -cGCE /tmp/disk-small.raw

and the list of classes will become: DEFAULT GCE AMD64 CLOUD FAIBASE DEBIAN DEMO XORG GNOME GRUB_PC gnomehost LAST

There are new scripts 01-classes and 02-classes in class which are
needed for this to work.
-N is the option for calling the scripts in the class/
subdirectory. This is not done by default, since it woulds change the
default behaviour of the fai script itself when called on the cmdline.
Any comments are welcome.

To use the new beta version add this line to your sourcers.list file:
deb [trusted=yes] http://fai-project.org/download release-testing koeln

regards Thomas

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