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Re: Ec2: Boot time delays

On 4/11/2016 10:28 PM, Tim Sattarov wrote:
> Just checked on one of the instances:
> dmidecode shows
> BIOS Information
>         Vendor: Xen
>         Version: 4.2.amazon
>         Release Date: 05/12/2016
> and dmesg
> [    6.352070] xenbus_probe_frontend: Waiting for devices to initialise:
> 25s...20s...15s...10s...5s...0s...
> [   31.353103] xenbus_probe_frontend: Timeout connecting to device:
> device/vfb/0 (local state 3, remote state 1)
> James: what region and instance type are you using ?

That was us-east-1 I was in on a t2.micro. I don't think this is
uniformly updated across Regions yet, so if you don't see it, hang tight
as service teams are probably doing their thing. ;)


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