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Re: Ec2: Boot time delays

On 04/11/16 10:12 AM, Tim Sattarov wrote:
> On 04/11/16 01:26 AM, James Bromberger wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Some of you may recall a 30 second delay for xen_fb_frontend when
>> booting Debian in EC2[1]. It appears that this is now starting to
>> resolve - if you launch (or stop/start) an instance and get a newer BIOS
>> from the hypervisor. Today I took a running instance and used dmidecode
>> to look at the BIOS, and saw:
> Nice, thanks for finding that !
> For me the problem with longer boots was about new instances in
> autoscaling groups,
> meaning longer reaction to scaling event.
> Now it is 30 seconds faster !
> Thanks
> Tim

Just checked on one of the instances:
dmidecode shows

BIOS Information
        Vendor: Xen
        Version: 4.2.amazon
        Release Date: 05/12/2016

and dmesg
[    6.352070] xenbus_probe_frontend: Waiting for devices to initialise:
[   31.353103] xenbus_probe_frontend: Timeout connecting to device:
device/vfb/0 (local state 3, remote state 1)

James: what region and instance type are you using ?

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