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Re: Debian Cloud Sprint Seattle- 1 week away


On Mon Oct 31, 2016 at 17:15:05 +0100, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Hi, 
> [Disclaimer: I am not local resident of Seattle, explaining what i did
> when i arrived here Saturday night.]
> for those who (love to) travel with public transportation, here is what
> I did:
> Once you reached Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, you can travel
> to Seattle downtown using Link Light Rail. It goes up to University to
> Washington Station (last station), which is about a USD 3.25 ride for a
> single trip ticket, for a 45min ride. If you are in need of USD there
> are ATMs in each terminal of the airport. Finding the way to the Link
> Light Rail station was a bit confusing to me. You need to walk all way
> through the 4th Floor of the parking garage and end up on a pedestrian
> walkway to the rail station. 

I just found out that a couple of us stay in the same hotel as I do
since Saturday already.  Here are some instructions how to best reach
the hotel by walking.

When you leave Link train at University of Washington station, head to
the very very top floor of the station and take the pedestrian walkway
over the main road. From there you will see the Drumheller Fountain
onsite the campus of the university. Walk to that, cross that and walk
torwards a building that looks like a old church. Cross the Red Square
torwards Henry Art Gallery, then down the stairs and then a bit uphill
until you reached 42nd St. Walk that until you reached the end of the
road (a T-junction). At that corner to your left side you will find
University Inn.

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