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Debian Cloud Sprint Seattle- 1 week away

Hi everyone,
I wanted to sync up on the Cloud Sprint next week in Seattle. A few logistical items:

1) If you are marked tentative on the wiki list, can you let me know if you are coming in person or not? You can always attend remotely via Hangouts as well. I need to make sure we have enough chairs in the room. Likewise, if you have yourself listed on the wiki and you are attending remotely or can't come at all, please update your entry to indicate that (if you haven't already).

2) Speaking of the Google Hangouts session, I will post that link to this group and the wiki next week after I do some testing to make sure everyone can join. If you are attending remotely, you will need a Google account (gmail or otherwise) to join the hangout.

3) People should show up starting at 9AM Pacific on Wednesday Nov 2 and we'll shoot to start discussions around 9:30 AM Pacific. Let me know if this doesn't work for anyone and we'll adjust as necessary. Checkin will be on the second floor (which is street level off of N 34th St. across from the PCC and Starbucks). There will be a sign in the lobby by the door.

4) On the subject of agenda items, I think we should spend some time Wednesday morning picking topics to discuss and go from there. We have a very rough agenda so far but it will evolve. If anyone has other ideas, please update the wiki.

5) If anyone needs directions, recommendations for places to stay, etc, let me know or look at the info on the wiki. Also, Jimmy has a lot of knowledge about the area and can help out. Finally, its Seattle and its Autumn. It will rain- I guarantee it- so plan for it.


Zach Marano

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