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Re: Comments on live-build, vmdebootstrap, bootstrap-vz, and live-wrapper

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On 2016-08-17 11:19:42 +0200 (+0200), Thomas Goirand wrote:
> diskimage-builder does the complete opposite approach and is
> really huge. Instead of 600 line of shell script, you end up with
> 15 000 lines of Python. But then, it has support for all of the
> OpenStack options that the infrastructure team (the team from
> OpenStack that maintains the CI/CD) needs, and it is very modular.

I think most of the discrepancy between the two is that DIB is
targeted at being a generic image building framework with support
for most popular Linux distros, and to do that it needs a bunch of
extra features that a Debian-specific tool would not. Also its
additional modules ("elements") cover a lot of esoterica like
retrieving Git repositories, installing non-distro-packaged
applications or data, and so on with a local caching layer for
speeding up rebuilds while only redownloading bits it actually needs
from one to the next.

As you point out, it's great in a CI/CD pipeline where image
configurability and regeneration performance are critical, but it's
also somewhat OpenStack-specific (or at least focused on image
formats supported by open systems), so probably unsuitable for
building the various funky images needed to run on proprietary
virtualization platforms.
Jeremy Stanley

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