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image tools

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> writes:

    Thomas> On 08/12/2016 02:27 PM, Sam Hartman wrote:
    >> At this point I'm quite familiar with live-build and
    >> vmdebootstrap and have started looking at bootstrap-vz anz, so I
    >> think I would be a good participant for comparing the various
    >> tools.

    Thomas> I haven't heard that this is on topic to bikeshed about
    Thomas> tooling. If it was, then we'd be much better to discuss it
    Thomas> over the lists first.

I think it needs to be.
As a user, a more coherent tool strategy would be my #1 request of
Debian in terms of custom image support.

At the cloud BOF, Neil  said from the front it would be helpful to get a
comparison of some of the tools.
Having just put together a big custom image project for work, I plan to
write up my comparison shortly to see if we can get some discussion

With regards to producing official images, there's a point at which in
order to produce images, we need to decide what tooling we're going to


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