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Re: Call For Participation Debian Cloud Sprint


I'll add myself to the wiki list in the next couple of days.

I'm interested in attending.

I've worked on image creation with Debian and other operating systems
since around 1992 or so.  I've been the architect for a product that
managed a bunch of Debian appliances in the cloud and been responsible
for image generation for that.

Currently I'm working on image production for my employer; most of the
consumers of those images are not actually cloud for the current round
of our product, although that will likely change.

At this point I'm quite familiar with live-build and vmdebootstrap and
have started looking at bootstrap-vz anz, so I think I would be a good
participant for comparing the various tools.

Also, I think it would be great if someone on the Debian technical
committee understood what was going on in this space and understood all
the complex tradeoffs.
I'd be happy to stay up to speed in that role.


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