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Amazon reviews of the Debian images on the AWS Marketplace.

Hi all,

trying to refresh my AWS skills (VPS ? T2 Instances ??), I visited the
Marketplace page for the Debian images, and found out that there are a bunch of
user reviews.  I would like to take the opportunity to make a quick, perhaps
partial, summary.


There are 83 reviews.  61 with 5 stars, 5 with 4 stars, 7 with 3 stars, 2 with
2 stars and 8 with 1 star.

I did not read much of the 5-star reviews.  Many thank yous :)

In the 2- and 1-star reviews, there is a reccurent complain that disks from
images booted from the AWS Marketplace can not be attached elsewhere.  There is
nothing we can do for that.

One negative review was about the fact that the image did not resize accordingly
to the volume size.  (Is that what we fixed with the "growpart issue"?).

One user could not login as "admin"; not sure why.

Another user was upset that there is no "root" account.  Here, we followed the
strong recommendations of Amazon.

One user had the SSH error  "Error in ssh2: I/O error in version
negotiation{com.mindbright.ssh2.SSH2VersionNegotiationException: I/O error in
version negotiation}" 

For the old-style PVM images (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00AA27RK4),
one user (still giving us 4 stars) regretted that we do not provide updates of
Jessie anymore.

Altogether, in comparison to the wave of upset attitudes being thrown to us on
this list, it seems that we managed to satisfy most of the users who expressed
themselves.  This is not to say that some system tweaking parameters should not
be corrected, but I think that "the priorities of our users" on the AWS
platform may be different than the developer-driven priority of unifying all
cloud platforms to a very minimal system.  For instance, nobody ever complained
for the presence of packages like apt-transport-https; I guess that the reason
is that it has no visible cost on those who do not use it.  From the users
reactions, it seems that our natural competitors here are Ubuntu (obviously)
and CentOS.  Perhaps obviously, no review mentionned something like "the Debian
image on the AWS was too bad, so I switched to [GCE|Azure|...].

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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