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Re: [vagrant] debian/jessie64 v8.5.1 missing lsb-release and ca-certificate packages

Hi Emmanuel,

> Thanks for your interest for the Vagrant boxes.
> The packages you mentioned are of priority 'optional', and were only in
> up to now installed becaused of transitive dependecy via 'recommends'.
> See the debian policy for the meanings of these/
> Since 'recommends' pulled too much X11 client libraries, we decided not
> installed 'recommended' packages. On second thought I agree this is
> debattable, since it makes us deviate from a standard debian install.
> Until we we have build different kind of images with different packages
> set priority, there will be always a bit too much or a bit too less.
> NB: we release each new boxes version with changelog at
> https://atlas.hashicorp.com/debian/boxes/jessie64
> ( I agree the atlas interface makes the reading confusing )

Thanks for your quick reply. As these boxes are primarily used (by me and many others I bet) for development purposes, it's quite essential ca-certificates is present. lsb-release is necessary for Puppet's facts gathering tool and I imagine Ansible uses it as well. Is it an idea to add these packages manually back into the image?

Kind regards,
Rick van den Hof

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