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Re: Fwd: Debian 8.4 Vagrant Image Error

On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 09:35:29PM +0200, Emmanuel Kasper wrote:
> >while using the Debian 8.4 Vagrant Image I discovered the following:
>  - The 8.4 Image runs well on Virtualbox but the KVM Version fails to
> start
>  - The 8.4 Image for Virtualbox can be converted to KVM via Vagrant
> Mutate but fails to start as well
> Both approaches lead to the same bootloader error by syslinux, I
> attached you a screenshot that shows the message.
> The 8.3 Image works well when converted to KVM via Vagrant Mutate.
> >If you need some more Informations, don't hesitate to contact me.
> Hope that I could help smash a bug :)
> >Best regards
> Hey Roman
> I don't use the libvirt based myself yet, so I am forwarding your email
> to debian-cloud.
> Do you get the same error when you convert from vagrant mutate ? The
> Virutalbox boxes use grub2 inside so the message should be different.

this has been fixed last week by switching to grub. one needs to remove
the existing box (vagrant box remove --provider libvirt debian/jessie64)
and re-download.

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