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Virtualbox kernel module

>> Hi Asheesh & Antonio
>> First thanks for the interest on these boxes.
>> After some second thought, I agreee on that.
>> I will re enable the vboxfs in the Vagrant Box and move that to a
>> "contrib" namespace.
> Yay! Thanks so much.
> BTW, one other note:
> The VirtualBox shared files kernel module appears to be fully free
> software. It seems to be an accident of history that the kernel modules
> live in the same source package as the VirtualBox BIOS; see my mail here:
> https://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-virtualbox-devel/2015-December/005610.html

Hi Asheesh
Yes, it is also my opinion that the kernel modules could be moved to
main, (similar to the vmware guest kernel modules, which are all in main
since they're included in the vanilla kernel)
Now splitting a source package of the size of virtualbox looks anything
but trivial for me, but you might have more experience there !

In the meantime, I have created a box with the vboxsf module at

I will push the definitive packer template when the debian scm server
works again, if you want to co maintain or maintain the template.


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