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Re: Vagrant box & VirtualBox file sharing

>> Thanks for maintaining the https://atlas.hashicorp.com/debian/boxes/jessie64
>> Vagrant box.
>> TL;DR: Is there any interest in having this project publish an image that
>> does support the vboxsf filesystem? I would be hugely in favor of that. I
>> can possibly contribute work toward generating a second image called (e.g.)
>> https://atlas.hashicorp.com/debian/boxes/jessie64-contrib-vboxsf if that's
>> helpful to separate it from the official one, since I appreciate the goal
>> of shipping an image that contains 100% packages from "Debian main".
> FWIW, since Virtualbox itself is already not in main, I don't see much
> of a point in distributing a "main-only" vagrant box where the main
> feature of vagrant, which is sharing your source directory with the
> guest VM, does not work out of the box.
> This whole mess is why I decided to use and maintain vagrant-lxc and the
> debian boxes for the 'lxc' provider; everything just works without
> anything that is not in main.

Hi Asheesh & Antonio
First thanks for the interest on these boxes.

After some second thought, I agreee on that.
I will re enable the vboxfs in the Vagrant Box and move that to a
"contrib" namespace.

I still find it would be interesting to have official vagrant base
boxes, generated from the Debian infrastructure, but LXC should be used
for that.

@asheesh: My idea would be to implement this in the next two weeks, as I
am going on Holidays now. BTW sandstorm is an interesting project !

If people want to have a main-only Virtualbox image, I am looking for
help to maintain these !


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