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Re: Vagrant kfreebsd base box?

Le 20/10/2015 10:52, Steven Chamberlain a écrit :
> Luca Favatella wrote:
>> * Jenkins jobs shall test building each supported box on each commit
>> of the repo;
> That would be great.

Yes. But we need a server for that, and running on real hardware, as
Virtualbox do not run in a nested virtualization setup.
We have jenkins.debian.net but according to its about page, it runs on
virtualized hardware. I will ask #debian-qa to be sure.
Any other sponsors around ? ;)

My plan has always beem to move the creation of the vagrant base boxes
to debian-cd controlled servers at some point, instead of building
locally and uploading to vagrant-cloud via an awfully assymetric DSL
connection. Maybe your mail has just shown it's time to go for it !

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