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Re: vagrant - debiansid

Le dim. 16 août 2015 à 17:15, Emmanuel Kasper <emmanuel@libera.cc> a écrit :
Le 14/08/2015 14:51, olivier sallou a écrit :> ok,
> I found the issue, but this is not resolved.....
> I remind I tried to create a debian sid.
> The default network interface name created (from recent udev it seems) is
> enp0s3, not eth0. In /etc/network/interfaces, there is a declaration for
> eth0, no ip address is bound via the DHCP.
> The network config should match enp0s3 instead. If I manually update this
> and restart network, it is fine.
> Now, I don't know where this should be managed (bootstrap-vz network,
> boostrap-vz virtualbox provider, ..?)
> Olivier

Hi Olivier
You can also try with "packer", which also produces vagrant base boxes.
This is the tool we're using at the moment to create the debian base
boxes you can find in atlas/vagrantcloud

Packer uses the debian installer in the background to create the VM
images, so you get the bugs of the d-i no less, no more.

There is a step by step tutorial on how to use to re-create the debian
images here, that you can use as a startup

I had a try two months ago building Stretch images and it worked.

I will try so see if we have the problem. 


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