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Re: AWS EC2: Jessie 8.1 AMIs

Its noted in cloud init in 
https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1382118. Post the merge I am doing with anders well look to either remove the entry from sshd_config or generate the key outside of cloud init until cloud innit gets an update. 

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From: Santiago Vila
Date:08/06/2015 22:11 (GMT+08:00)
To: debian-cloud@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: AWS EC2: Jessie 8.1 AMIs

On Sun, Jun 07, 2015 at 10:34:49PM +0800, James Bromberger wrote:
> || eu-central-1 || ami-02b78e1f || ami-5cb78e41 ||

Sorry to repeat myself, but this image still has the ed25519 bug.

Could we please have this bug fixed in jessie, whatever is the package
that it is causing it? (cloud-init maybe, I don't know).

I've already seen at least one VPS provider whose images suffer from
the same bug. This is bad for Debian.


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