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bootstrap-vz: integration testing branch merge into development + upcoming release

Good news everyone!
I have finally merged the integration testing branch into the development branch!
This branch was very long lived (since September 2014 actually), but I believe a change
as big as this would have introduced quite a bit of instability during development and I didn't have the time to deal with that as well.
However: Tiago convinced me to change branching strategies. So starting from the next release, the master branch will be where we will accept pull requests. There's no need for a year old "stable" to lie around, which is in fact less stable than the development version.

The next release will be something like 0.9.9 - there are still a few things I'd like to add (e.g. 3rd party plugins through pip) before it looks like a round 1.0.0 to me :-)
I am quite pleased with result (if I may say so myself, hehe), but I'd very much like some feedback on the docs, integration testing and any potential issues. Tiago and I will try to respond to and fix these issues when we find the time - once we are satisfied that the code is stable enough we'll prepare a release that we can upload to pypi.

Without further ado, here's the changelog (it's a biggie this time):
* Introduce remote bootstrapping (http://bootstrap-vz.readthedocs.org/en/development/remote_bootstrapping.html)
* Introduce integration testing (for VirtualBox and EC2) (http://bootstrap-vz.readthedocs.org/en/development/testing/integration_tests.html)
* Merge the end-user documentation into the sphinx docs
  (plugin & provider docs are now located in their respective folders as READMEs)
* Include READMEs in sphinx docs and transform their links
* Docs for integration testing
* Document the remote bootstrapping procedure
* Add documentation about the documentation
* Add list of supported builds to the docs (http://bootstrap-vz.readthedocs.org/en/development/supported_builds.html)
* Add html output to integration tests
* Implement PR #201 by @jszwedko (bump required euca2ools version)
* grub now works on jessie
* extlinux is now running on jessie
* Issue warning when specifying pre/successors across phases (but still error out if it's a conflict)
* Add salt dependencies in the right phase
* extlinux now works with GPT on HVM instances
* Take @ssgelm's advice in #155 and copy the mount table -- df warnings no more
* Generally deny installing grub on squeeze (too much of a hassle to get working, PRs welcome)
* Add 1 sector gap between partitions on GPT
* Add new task: DeterminKernelVersion, this can potentially fix a lot of small problems
* Disable getty processes on jessie through logind config
* Partition volumes by sectors instead of bytes
  This allows for finer grained control over the partition sizes and gaps
  Add new Sectors unit, enhance Bytes unit, add unit tests for both
* Don't require qemu for raw volumes, use `truncate` instead
* Fix #179: Disabling getty processes task fails half the time
* Split grub and extlinux installs into separate modules
* Fix extlinux config for squeeze
* Fix #136: Make extlinux output boot messages to the serial console
* Extend sed_i to raise Exceptions when the expected amount of replacements is not met


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