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Re: Major large-disk bug for cloud-utils / cloud-initramfs-growroot

Hi again,

On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 12:46 AM, Jimmy Kaplowitz <jkaplowitz@google.com> wrote:

A teammate ran a test and confirmed that the patch Juerg attached solves the problem - on an MBR disk over 2TB, it limits the automatic growth to 2TB rather than destroying the partition table.

Thomas, if you agree that this issue is Severity: important and believe that the release team would also agree, would you please upload this quite minimal fix to unstable? I can file a corresponding bug in the BTS tomorrow, after which you can make an unblock request. The release policy allows this severity of fix to migrate to Jessie by Dec 5 for optional or extra packages, so if nothing goes wrong we are not too late.

Any update on this, Thomas? Unfortunately for the timeline here, I'm now about to go on vacation until December 2, and am leaving work maters to colleagues during that time. I'm forwarding this to two colleagues, including the teammate who tested Juerg's fix. If you agree with my severity opinion and want to proceed with getting this into Jessie, one of them can file the bug in the Debian BTS as soon as Monday.

Thanks so much!

- Jimmy

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