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Re: Major large-disk bug for cloud-utils / cloud-initramfs-growroot

On 10/22/2014 03:32 PM, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
>     > and other clouds which offer
>     > large physical disks should probably be cautious in the same way. If
>     > adopting upstream's fix is deemed infeasible for Jessie and
>     > wheezy-backports, at least put in a minimal equivalent fix of your own
>     > design where it maxes out at 2 TB. somewhat sane and
>     > non-destructive is better than automated accidental destruction.
>     I agree. Though again, that's not an easy fix. Let me know if you think
>     you can do it yourself. Also, I would welcome if you could test latest
>     upstream release ASAP, and let us know if it works well enough. In such
>     case, I may reconsider the upgrade.
> If you agree with my conclusion above that this is at least severity
> important, maybe we could handle this in a less rushed but still speedy
> manner over the upcoming weeks. While I can't promise a test of newer
> upstream cloud-utils tomorrow, I probably can promise to test it soon.
> - Jimmy

Ok. Please do test it and let everyone know.

Maybe we can already ask the release team about the possibility of
upgrading to the latest upstream. They generally are more open to such
thing if we ask long enough in advance. Can you take care of writing
such a mail, since you seem to care about the feature?



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