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Re: bootstrap-vz packaging

Dnia 2014-08-06, śro o godzinie 19:08 +0100, Marcin Kulisz pisze:
> On 2014-08-06 12:43:57, Bálint Réczey wrote:
> > Hi Marcin,
> Hello,
> > OK, I will follow this work-flow.
> > I have uploaded the package to NEW and also tagged the version I uploaded.
> Thx a lot.
> > EC2 AMI building still does not work due to dhcpcd missing from
> > Jessie. I think it would be useful to back-port the changes fixing
> > that from https://github.com/andsens/bootstrap-vz/pull/118 even before
> > upstream makes a new release.
> Yee, this makes sens.
> > Would you like to do that or you let it for me?
> I just reviewed 118 and 119 patches and agree that 118 is worth having but I'm
> not sure about 119 do we really care for i386?
> Do you think that there are people who are still using i386 on 'cloud' or
> virtualised setups? I have to admit that is not a big patch but ... .

I intend to use i386 for testing PyOpenCL, but as for now we cannot
run Debian on GPU instances, it is not worth worrying about.

More important question should be answered by Andreas - when
you'll merge development branch into master. And - is there
any timeline for 1.0?

Best regards.

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