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Re: GRUB and HVM on EC2

Dnia 2014-07-10, czw o godzinie 20:06 +0200, Anders Ingemann pisze:
[ cut ]

> > What are the plans?
> To begin with I'll just take the stupid and simple route and see where
> it leads/what challenges I encounter. My primary motivation for this
> is actually for development.
> I am growing tired of having to bootstrap, wait, create instance,
> wait, try logging in, rinse & repeat. Especially when fiddling with
> the bootloader and partitioning. I'd like an automated way to verify
> that a specific configuration works.
I hope that
helps. See also post about it:

Of course it is just rough first version, based on what I'd
use to test behavior of my PyGPGPU packages on various GPU
instances, but it can build image, run it, connect to it,
run few commands, terminate image, and deregister AMIs.
Exception handling does not exists yet.

Best regards.

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