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Re: GRUB and HVM on EC2

Dnia 2014-07-10, czw o godzinie 20:06 +0200, Anders Ingemann pisze:
> On 10 July 2014 10:35, Juerg Haefliger <juergh@gmail.com> wrote:
[ cut [

> > Is that work/process documented anywhere?
> Regarding the actual testing: No. I haven't begun working on it yet.
> The modularization is documented through the API docs. Though some
> more prose text about how to e.g. bootstrap programatically with
> multiple manifests couldn't hurt.
Uhm - is there some catch? I did this (wrote Python code
which, among others, builds two AMIs) and it is the cleanest
part of this script :-)

> > What are the plans?
> To begin with I'll just take the stupid and simple route and see where
> it leads/what challenges I encounter. My primary motivation for this
> is actually for development.
> I am growing tired of having to bootstrap, wait, create instance,
> wait, try logging in, rinse & repeat. Especially when fiddling with
> the bootloader and partitioning. I'd like an automated way to verify
> that a specific configuration works.

Interesting idea, not far away from what my already-mentioned
script does.
Maybe I should fight my fear of showing ugly, non-finished
code and put it on GitHub?
> > What images will be produced and how?
> To begin with I'll focus on either ec2 or virtualbox and then abstract
> from there. Since I run OSX I bootstrap inside a vbox - running the
> resulting image inside that vm seems kind of wasteful and potential
> slow, so I'll probably come up with some kind of remote bootstrapping
> option.
> > What packages will they contain?
> > How are they configured and tested and distributed?
> > What's the build cadence and update strategy?
> These are not my questions to answer since I only provide the tool,
> the images are built and published by people working at the providers,
> and I'm quite happy with that arrangement :-)
> You'd have to ask James Bromberger (AWS) and Jimmy Kaplowitz (GCE)
> about that.
> Just one thing about the configuration: The official manifests for
> Debian images on AWS are available directly in the bootstrap-vz repo
> in the manifests/ folder.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to split content of this directory?
Now it contains both official manifests, and some proofs of concept.
I also think about some naming convention for official manifests.
Now we have
After thinking about what caused me to create PR #119
I think we should have manifest for testing but not named
"testing" - rather with name of release, e.g. Jessie or Zorg.
So now we should have:
which would always contain current stable.
Or maybe even

Best regards.

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