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Re: What is to be done?

OK, I've returned from Berlin, from AWS summit.
It was nice conference, although it was strange to hear more
than once from Amazon guys that my questions are quite
sophisticated and they'll provide answers by mail.
Less pleasant was hearing that some of the features  I wanted to
use (like OpsWorks) are not available for GPU or spot instances.

To summarize all the emails from this discussion:
1. documentation is in good shape, although content of common/
could take some care.

2. Some unification of management of access keys would be nice;
e.g. GCE takes your credentials from ~/.boto while EC2 provider
requires putting key and secret into manifest.

3. Signing images with GPG would be also nice.

4. Related to above - more automatic copying of images, e.g.
for different regions would mean less work for people
responsible for uploading those.

5. GCE does not work with cloud-init.

6. Packaging - Marcin Kulisz is working on it.

7. Moving apt-related code to use python-apt instead
of dealing with files and binaries.

8. github issues

9. The big task is making Debian run on AWS GPU instances.

10. Another, related task is testing images on different
virtualization solutions, with different boot managers.

Now' as I have overview of what is open, I think I'll look
into 9 (GPU instances) and probably 7 (using python-apt), which
I also intend to use for testing my packages (e.g. iterating
through list of available OpenCL providers, installing
different driver versions, etc.).

Best regards, and thanks for all the feedback.

Tomasz Rybak  GPG/PGP key ID: 2AD5 9860
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