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Re: your mail

On 2014-05-06 16:42:40, Juerg Haefliger wrote:
> > Hi Juerg,
> > Can you please send a bug report with more description what in your opinion
> > shouldn't be there.
> > Submitting a patch within the bug is a good start as well if you want to be
> > more involved.
> > ;-)
> Sure :-) Does that mean this bug report was rejected and I need to send a new
> one?

Sorry my bad, I checked BTS but not headers within your email. Bug you
submitted is there (just haven't been visible in BTS at that time).

> Also, I don't want to spend cycles on creating a patch if it then gets rejected
> because of some higher level issues.

I can't speak for Julien or Zigo in terms what they have on the plate atm
regarding this package but I'm pretty sure that they will not reject your patch
just because there are some other priorities. Your patch may have to wait for a
bit to be merged (if all will be ok with it technically) due some work on
package or if guys are busy with other stuff.

But hey no risk no fun ;-)

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