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Re: [bootstrap-vz] Add Google Cloud Engine (GCE) provider (#72)

Dnia 2014-04-09, śro o godzinie 20:40 -0700, Tiago Ilieve pisze:
> Excellent work, followed by a truly awesome review!
> Just to be clear: this looks like it is coming from the gce branch, Am
> I right? If so, that explains why he set up the NTP configuration
> himself: by the time that it was created, the NTP plugin doesn't
> existed.
> —
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Thanks for the review.
As for missing latest changes on devel branch - I wanted to
finish this code rather sooner than later, and assumed that
there is not many important changes as they have not been
mentioned on the list ;-)
I've started fixing the code, but it'll take some time.
So I'll definitely not send new PR today; I might finish it
tomorrow, but I doubt it. Weekend is much more probable.

Best regards.

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