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Re: GCE scripts status

Dnia 2014-04-08, wto o godzinie 22:17 +0200, Anders Ingemann pisze:
[ cut ]

> > As for merge - should I first try to change my branch to new layout,
> or create new branch (from the current state of the master) and apply
> changes there?
> If I were you I'd go for the second one. The directory layout isn't
> the only thing that has changed, trying to mirror all the changes in
> your own branch would give you massive headaches.
> Back when I needed the changes from master in the dev branch I did a
> rebase, but having to fix the same conflicts over and over again got
> really annoying. I recommend a merge.

You were right - applying changes again on branched master was
much easier. Even such a route didn't prevent me from missing
a few bootstrapvz. prefixes in my imports.
> p.s.: I am sorry for your troubles, but my homegrown project structure
> was simply not something that resembled a normal python package and it
> needed to change (forgive me, I didn't know better back then :-) ).

No problem - we always know how we should have written that code
after we've written it ;-)

I've created pull request for GCE provider - please look at it.

Best regards.

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