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GCE scripts status

Hello everyone.
I've just pushed latest commit adding missing functionalities
in GCE branch: cleaning APT sources and removing Google keys,
and registering image with GCE.

I've also removed all commented out lines that were left during
my experiments, and forced kpartx to use -s, removing calls to sleep().
Thanks to everyone for the comments and pointing things I missed!

So now GCE bootstrap-vz provider is on par with old scripts.
Of course there are some problems:
1. I had to comment out one line configuring GRUB ttyS),
as it was giving error
2. registering image does not work: there is some problem
with PATH when trying to call gsutil; I did not want
to hardcode gsutil and gcutil paths until we have
Debian packages for those.

As for merge - should I first try to change my branch to new layout,
or create new branch (from the current state of the master)
and apply changes there?

Best regards.

Tomasz Rybak <tomasz.rybak@post.pl> GPG/PGP key ID: 2AD5 9860
Fingerprint A481 824E 7DD3 9C0E C40A  488E C654 FB33 2AD5 9860

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