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Re: AWS EC2: Debian 7.4 AMIs now available

Hi brain thanks for your reply.

You say in almost all cases you would recommend esb backed device's. Can I ask why? Iam looking to migrate to instance store from ebs mainly for io reliability issues.

I am having io issues with ebs backed instances the io can be very erratic and cause my sites to have very slow response times from time to time.

I have currently put the code and logs on an ephemeral partition and the sites are much more stable.

I have no reason to keep any code or data that is on the server after reboot or termination.


On 10 Feb 2014 04:33, "Brian Gupta" <brian.gupta@brandorr.com> wrote:
On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 11:03 PM, Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Alistair Prestidge
> <alistair.prestidge@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Hi this is brilliant news thanks for all these.
>> I do have one question. I just booted the following
>> EU-West-1:  ami-80d322f7 x86_64 S3 PVM
>> and it appears to only have a 1GB root partition as opposed to the EBS
>> backed that has 8GB
>> Can I ask why?
> Presumably because it is very easy to override the EBS root block
> volume size at instantiation, and the AMI will run an automatic
> resize2fs upon system boot.

Opps misread your question. Didn't notice you were referring to an
instance-store AMI. Please ignore my reply. I just tested with the
corresponding us-east-1 AMI and see the same thing. I'm not sure why
it's 1GB. (When I last used instance-store AMIs regularly, most AMIs I
used where built with a 10GB root volume). Please note, that if you do
need a bigger root volume you can always bundle a new AMI based on the
smaller one. However, that said, I recommend in almost all cases for
folks to use instances with EBS backed root volumes.

James, great work, just belatedly noticed we are shipping HVM AMIs!!


> -Brian
>> On 9 February 2014 14:57, James Bromberger <james@rcpt.to> wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Hello Debian cloud,
>>> Following on the release of Debian 7.4 earlier this weekend, I am pleased
>>> to produce the updated list of AMIs in all EC2 Regions worldwide, with the
>>> current exception of US Gov Cloud which will hopefully happen over the
>>> course of this week. Please note that AWS Marketplace images will also take
>>> a little while until they are updated.
>>> This release (7.4) expands the number of AMIs that we are producing, and
>>> the number of Regions! Debian AMIs for Amazon EC2 now cover:
>>> * 32 bit, persistent Elastic Block Store (EBS) root file system,
>>> Para-virtualization
>>> * 64 bit, persistent Elastic Block Store (EBS) root file system,
>>> Para-virtualization
>>> * 64 bit, Instance Store (S3 backed) root file system, Para-virtualization
>>> * 64 bit, persistent Elastic Block Store (EBS) root file system, Hardware
>>> virtualization (HVM)
>>> New this release, hello Beijing, also known as the cn-north-1 Region! I'm
>>> not going to build 32 bit PVM EBS AMIs in Beijing at this time (multiarch
>>> within amd64 may take care of most requirements for 32 bit). However, if you
>>> do require 32 bit in Beijing, please let me know!
>>> Here's the list - and this is also on
>>> https://wiki.debian.org/Cloud/AmazonEC2Image/Wheezy - but this email is GPG
>>> signed and the Wiki is not - these AMIs are from account AWS account
>>> 379101102735 in regions except US Gov Cloud and Beijing:
>>> Type:           i386 EBS PVM     x86_64 EBS PVM  x86_64 S3 PVM    x86_64
>>> ================================================================================
>>> US-East-1:      ami-1f675d76     ami-d3675dba     ami-655a600c
>>> ami-9f675df6
>>> US-West-1:      ami-9ed0eddb     ami-6ed3ee2b     ami-46c7fa03
>>> ami-76d3ee33
>>> US-West-2:      ami-72204242     ami-de2042ee     ami-68026058
>>> ami-22214312
>>> EU-West-1:      ami-1af0016d     ami-9ef001e9     ami-80d322f7
>>> ami-76f30201
>>> AP-Southeast-1: ami-a2a3f5f0     ami-18a0f64a     ami-34aafc66
>>> ami-06a0f654
>>> AP-Southeast-2: ami-6b3ea051     ami-b33ea089     ami-3d3aa407
>>> ami-a93ea093
>>> AP-Northeast-1: ami-e5a3c9e4     ami-67a6cc66     ami-f780eaf6
>>> ami-d7a6ccd6
>>> SA-East-1:      ami-6517b778     ami-9717b78a     ami-771bbb6a
>>> ami-8f17b792
>>> US-Gov-West-1:
>>> CN-North-1:     -                ami-bcb32185     -
>>> ami-beb32187
>>> As always, thanks to Anders and all other contributors - this was produced
>>> with the bootstrap-vz script. Note that I have not installed Non-Free GPU
>>> drivers for the g1 instance, and the HVM AMI is currently not permitted on
>>> the new G2 GPU instance type(s). I'm working on that so please stay tuned.
>>> Feedback welcome!
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