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Re: debian-build-cloud plugins

On 3 February 2014 10:50, olivier sallou <olivier.sallou@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Anders,
debian-build-cloud supports (as you know :-) ), plugins.
What is your strategy regarding community plugins ?

Each can develop its plugin for a more or less specific need. But are you willing to include community plugins in your repo ? Should a build-debian-cloud community plugin repo be created  (would certainly be easier to separate core develpoment from contributions ?

I have for example developped a small plugin that install a list of gems from Rubygem.
This plugin is needed for my personal use, but could be used by others.
Other plugins doing such things from pypi could be interesting too I think for users.

This is ok for me to keep this code in my personal repos, but I wonder if a global plugin repo could be used to share those between users.



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Hi Olivier

I have not yet thought about how one could include external plugins, I think it would have to involve some python modulepath magic.
It would indeed be quite unhandy if the repo would have to contain all available plugins, that would be a mess.
So I think having separate repos for community plugins is a sensible approach (the most used ones could always be merged into main repo).
I will have to come up with a module loading strategy that makes sense, pypi will probably be involved.

Does anybody have some good advice for how this subject is best approached/solved?

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