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Call for testing: Debian 7.3 PVM AMIs in US East 1

Hello all,

Last night I generated a 32 and 64 bit AMI in US East 1 of Debian 7.3 [1], using the python scripts[2] (which have had more updates, thanks all) and including cloud-init[3]:

AMD64: ami-4309272a "Wheezy 7.3 base amd64 ebs"
i386: ami-af0927c6 "Wheezy 7.3 base i386 ebs"

These (and their corresponding EBS snapshots) are marked as public. I'd like to get another round of community review/testing today before we distribute to other Regions in the next 24 hours and submit to the AWS Marketplace. If you have the time, please fire up and give me some feedback!

As mentioned on Friday, Cloud-init appears to be slightly slower than our previous AMIs - the SSH daemon takes longer before it is ready to accept the admin user on first boot, and thus I'd like your feedback on this change. With Cloud-init installed this makes our Debian AMIs much more convenient to potentially be used under services (eg Opsworks[4] and other services) and brings Debian in-line with the increased convenience and flexability that is pretty much a default across other distros.

HVM image generation failed for me, so I will repeat that tonight; however I think we should push forward with PVM updates regardless.

As always, feedback welcome!


[1] http://www.debian.org/News/2013/20131214
[2] https://github.com/andsens/build-debian-cloud/
[3] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CloudInit
[4] http://aws.amazon.com/opsworks/

Mobile: +61 422 166 708, Email: james_AT_rcpt.to

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